Advanced data mining and reporting in the field of intellectual property

With an emphasis on IP data, Towergate Software is your gateway to a wide range of tools including searching, comprehensive reporting and visualizations. Surveillance reports, customized tables, galleries, customized visualization options... we have many interesting and innovative tools available. Please contact us to discuss your firm's needs.

Our Supplementary TM Search is now available. Find marks similar to your intended mark that have been previously opposed or refused, refine your prosecution strategy, or prepare your responses & appeals with this invaluable tool!  Read more

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  • Trademark Info GridView search results and generate custom reports. Import data from any trademark list or third party report.
  • Design GalleryView array of designs based on search criteria or trademark import list.
  • Trademark Filings TableCompetitive Intelligence at your fingertips. Explore newly filed trademarks by industry and owner.
  • Relation GraphExplore relationships within data sets and search results
  • TimelineTrack IP data in a powerful timeline format
  • Trademark Record ViewerEasily search and cycle through trademark records