Towergate’s Supplementary TM Search is designed to make your clearance searches more effective by providing predictability into potential roadblocks you may encounter in the prosecution of your marks.  For the first time, you can now gain considerable insight and predict and flush out potential filing obstacles using actual references made by PTO examiners. Used ideally as a companion to your own knockout or full searches the unique supplementary information revealed can save you considerable time and effort in the prosecution of your marks.

The Supplementary TM Search uses your own intended mark and the scope of your search and returns to you three (3) one-of-a-kind reports, delivered via our secure online portal;

  1. Similar marks that have been previously opposed
  2. Similar marks that have been refused by an examiner under 2(d)
  3. Similar marks that have been refused by an examiner under 2(e)

Each citation listed in your results displays the outcome of the application, with links to the full record. Using this key information can help you better navigate amongst the roadblocks you may encounter while prosecuting your mark, or anticipate practical risks in the marketplace. Insight gained from these examples can guide you to make necessary adjustments to your applications, and to advise your clients accordingly to ensure smooth sailing.

The information revealed is also an indispensable research reference to use to prepare your responses to office actions, or when filing TTAB appeals. You now have the advantage of using the most recent citations gleaned from a cross section of PTO examiners to bolster your filings.


  • Predict what to expect from examiners in the prosecution of your mark, and plan accordingly
  • Gain insight into potential obstacles using a cross section of results from many examiners
  • Uncover practical risks within the marketplace and likely opposers
  • Be better prepared with a one of a kind research aid based on similar instances, in case you need to file responses to office actions, prepare TTAB appeals or to enforce rights
  • Refresh the search results with the most up to date information prior to filing your response
  • Uncover marks that may not be cited within your own full search – marks that may lay just beyond your scope of search but you should nonetheless be aware of
  • We use intelligence within our search paradigm to determine the relative strength of the terms in question, and to return only the most relevant results.
  • Save time reviewing your clearance searches by using supplementary information to make more effective decisions
  • Fast turnaround, usually same day
  • Low cost! The time you save researching prior citations alone is worth the cost!

East to order, easy to use. Contact us by email or at 866 523 8948 to order a Towergate Supplementary TM Search now!