Searching, Custom Reporting and Visualization

From tables, timelines, relationship charts, and design galleries, we offer tools to help present data in a wide array of useful formats. We also provide the ability to aggregate and import data from other searching/management systems as well as other end-user reports.

Trademark Practice Development – Large Scale (Bulk) Surveillance Lists

Unlike run-of-the-mill trademark watching services, we focus on providing firms with the means to increase opposition work and reach out to new and existing clients. Our pricing and reporting features offer an effective way to cast a wide net on hundreds or thousands of marks. Our Reference Mark Watching system compares individual trademark records supplied to us by trademark owner or attorney of record, against those published in the USPTO weekly Gazette. Similar watch services are available for other jurisdictions.  Read more about our Bulk Trademark Watch service…

Supplementary TM Search

Use our unique TM search as a compliment to your clearance searches, to help you predict prosecution outcomes based upon similar marks that have been previously opposed or refused under 2(d) or 2(e). We provide you with one-of-a-kind research information that can save you considerable time in prosecuting or defending your marks. Read more

2(d) Citation Watch

An innovative list we compile each week that gives you a heads-up on potentially conflicting marks as vetted by a PTO examiner. We report all trademarks that have been cited with a 2(d) refusal and present it together with the cited marks, sorted by correspondent. Read more…

Patent Citation Watch

Monitor your entire patent portfolio for instances when an examiner has cited one of your prior art patents. Each week, find out if any of your published or issued patents have been cited by a PTO examiner in any third-party issued patent. Read more…

Refused Foreign Application (Madrid 66a) Watch

We compile a weekly list of all refused applications for extensions of protection under Madrid, to highlight opportunities for US-based firms to provide domestic representation for foreign owners or to build relationships with foreign correspondents. One of our unique practice development tools. Read more…

TTAB Watch

We compile a weekly list of all opposition and cancellation proceedings at the TTAB.  In tabular view we summarize all petitioners and opposed parties, their correspondents of record, the opposed and the opposing marks, together with type of proceeding and the proceeding number, including active links to the TTABVUE record. Read more…

Domain Name and Webpage Content Monitoring

With the explosion of domain registrations and ubiquitous cyber-squatting, protecting IP has become a real challenge for many IP owners. While it may not be practical to pursue action against all similar domain names, it is still important to monitor those domains for changes in content that could affect the brand’s reputation or cause confusion.

To address these realities Towergate has tuned its products to monitor not just new domain name registrations but also any webpage content changes associated with all parked and active domains. This means it’s now possible, at a low cost, to be alerted to any new and potentially infringing activity covering a vast number of websites and domains. Your clients’ entire portfolio can be monitored, as well as competitors and third-party sites, as an effective screen against potential brand infringement or for compliance monitoring. Using advanced algorithms and comparable visual cues embedded in our watch reports, we make it easy to be alerted on a weekly basis to significant content changes on any website.

Trademark Filings

Trademark filings contain a wealth of information, especially when it comes to keeping tabs on competitors or specific industries. For these purposes, we have built an early warning reporting tool to easily and cost-effectively monitor new trademark filings.

Competitive Intelligence

The way we see it, brand protection and competitive intelligence go hand-in-hand, and are inextricably related. We create unique watch criteria to define your specific industry so that you can watch all your known competitors, while also on the lookout for new ones. Our integrative approach provides much more value . Keep tabs on all your competitors, and explore your entire industry. Read more…