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Our cost effective bulk watching system gives your firm the opportunity to watch hundreds of marks against the USPTO Gazette without any formal request by your clients. We set up hundreds of individual “watches” based on your clients’ (or potential clients’) marks.

Firms have the luxury of including many of their clients’ marks which in the past would not have been watched. In many instances, firms choose to watch marks against the Gazette even if they are not listed as correspondent – giving an expanded coverage and better opposition potential.

Now available for CTM and UK marks too!

How watch lists are generated: Firms supply us with Owner names, Correspondents, or any list of serial numbers. We generate a list of trademark records with specific search criteria. Each week those records are screened against the weekly Gazette for identical or confusingly similar marks

How we organize reports: Reports are organized by trademark owner, listing the details of each trademark record with the details of any conflicting published marks for that week.

Frequently Asked Questions

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